Where quality is paramount! Often copied, never equal!

     .Ciao Lov, I am known as: 
        "The CupCake Ladi"

 Creating the most fabulous Organic CupCakes in the world!!  
*New Fall Hours*..!!!
We are now open 2 dai's a week.

Sat 10:00am-5:00pm,
Sun 11:00am-4:00pm
Call us @ 703.787.6775
Creating the most fab Organic CupCakes on Earth. We also offer Organic *Vegan & Organic *Gluten Free options
"The CupCake Ladi" sai's Donate
Big!We donate 25 percent%of our proceeds to over 27 causes. Animals, Children, the Homeless & the LGBT Communiti.

Bridai Shower CupCakes, Wedding CupCakes, Babi Shower CupCakes, Birthdai CupCakes, Retirement CupCakes, Communion CupCakes, Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah CupCakes, Conformation CupCakes & Just because CupCakes. You create the event we create the small cakes. 
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The CupCake Ladi " wins the first Reston Rivals Challenge. We were Voted the Best CupCake in Reston, Va. Thank you to The Reston Patch .. and to all of you who voted for your favorite location.   xo TCCL


 Thank you for all the lov & support. Creating the most fabulous Organic CupCakes in our
solar system.

We are now carrying...  6 Fab flavors of Organic Gelato 

... New Brick & Mortar location is
open 3 dai's a week .. at "The CupCake Ladi" we are sustainable & eco friendli. We care about our enviroment including the packaging we use to ship our organic CupCakes & confections.

Check out the Location Page for our direct address and location. 
Mi name is Nefertiti, it is a pleasure to meet you!  I enjoi gifting out confections to people who least expect it! .. We have gifted out over 1 Million generousli filled 97 percent
Organic & 3 percent All natural CupCakes
over 8000 single bags of Dale &Thomas popcorn, Petit Fours, Dark & Milk Chocolate Truffles. I have also gifted single long stem
roses just because, It has always been a passion of mine to share with others in such a
large capaciti In mi journei along the wai, I was able to get involved with mani organazations that are close to mi heart such as animals, children & the homeless. Having this business comes with responsibiliti & I set forth do my best in helping those who can't help themselves! It makes me smile from within and it is mi gr8est gift in life to give back. Through our Philanthropic endeavors we have been able to raise awareness and monetari donations for all of the causes that are closest to our heart. For us it is realli all about to give then to receive! In everi aspect of the word GIVE!!

feel this is a platform along with a calling to do good bi others and lead by example. Our signature,  Nefertiti's Zesti KeiLime CupCake will donate proceed to World Vision. We have been able to sponsor 
children thru WorldVision.

We are also involved with the French Bulldog Rescue Network & pledging to donate proceeds from CupCake flavor Jaimie's Jimmi Jamboree to help Frenchies in need!

We also will be invloved with The Friends of Randolph Pound. Donating  proceeds from CupCake Mint Chocolate Sandwich Treenie Cake. 

We have created The "Courage" CupCake in honor of him! The beautiful German Shepherd I have
fallen in lov with!  "The CupCake Ladi"' will be invloved with The German Shepherd Rescue of Orange Counti to help Courage & other doggies like him who have been neglected & abused. Proceeds from his CupCake will go to help those doggies in
www.gsroc.org  or visit there website & donate generousli~  

Along  with using 100 percent certified Organic Tahitian & Bourbon Vanilla Beans! I can't imagine using anything other than best ingredients! Sounds like such a cliche. Most
of my products come from Whole Foods! I Bake everything from scratch. Hello, of course I do! I even bake in those small quantiesUnder 8 dozen @ a time. When it comes to my products, Qualiti is Paramount! Often copied,  never equal! Superior qualiti, superior taste. We set high standards.
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al discounts & win prizes !  :}

 Birthdai Parties, Anniversari, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Bridal & Babi Showers, Graduation Parties. :~}
"The CupCakeLadi" can create your fabulous organic CupCakes for your special event. Your memories will last
a life time~ 

We now carri Organic Gluten Free & Organic Vegan CupCakes made with Hemp Milk 

****Chocolate Decadence Drenched 12times in Belgian Chocolate with various Accoutrements These are  must have .. created bi "The CupCake Ladi" Go to shopping  cart .. order  yours todai.
Shipping your organic CupCakes has never  been easier .. "
The CupCake Ladi" ships in an eco friendli custom made insulated container w/dri ice .. Order yours todai, have
in hands tomorrow

           Warm regards, ^_^  
             Nefertiti & Fendi Bianca 
            “The CupCake Ladi”


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